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Inspiring Today's Workforce and Business Owners

Crossing Chapter Podcast

Hi, I’m Janet

I want to welcome you to my podcasts. This is a podcast designed for working professionals at any age point that are out there in the secular market place. I pray you find these inspirational, helpful and enjoyable! Keeping the cross in the center of your career is the most important thing you can do as a working professional. 

Introduction to Chapter 11: FACING IT? I Did Too.

by Janet Chihocky

Seven Tips for Starting Your business

by Janet Chihocky

chapter Two- From Brokenness, Rage and Plastic Cups

by Janet Chihocky

Janet has made her unique story applicable to women and men who want to take risks, insist on doing what is right, and persevere against any and all odds in the pursuit of their greater purpose in life, Her book is captivating and a must-read for anyone who believes they were made for more.

Janet Greco

Ph.D., senior lecturer at Wharton Executive Education, University of Pennsylvania, and co-president of Transition One Associates